This summer they’ll keep their promise. This summer they won’t give into temptation. This summer will be different.

Lucy is the tourist vacationing at a beach house on Prince Edward Island. Felix is the local who shows her a very good time. The only problem: Lucy doesn’t know he’s her best friend’s younger brother. Lucy and Felix’s chemistry is unreal, but the list of reasons why they need to stay away from each other is long, and they vow to never repeat that electric night again.

It’s easier said than done.

Each year, Lucy escapes to PEI for a big breath of coastal air, fresh oysters and crisp vinho verde with her best friend, Bridget. Every visit begins with a long walk on the beach, beneath soaring red cliffs and a golden sun. And every visit, Lucy promises herself she won’t wind up in Felix’s bed. Again.

If Lucy can’t help being drawn to Felix, at least she’s always kept her heart out of it.

When Bridget suddenly flees Toronto a week before her wedding, Lucy drops everything to follow her to the island. Her mission is to help Bridget through her crisis and resist the one man she’s never been able to. But Felix’s sparkling eyes and flirty quips have been replaced with something new, and Lucy’s beginning to wonder just how safe her heart truly is.

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“What a dreamy and sexy summer novel. Carley Fortune knows how to tug at your heart. This is a book filled with great food, lots of charm, and a young woman navigating the tricky question of how she wants to live her life.”
– Kiley Reid, New York Times bestselling author of Such a Fun Age and Come and Get It

“Carley Fortune has managed to dream up another entirely fresh, deeply layered and beautifully written romance. Except this time the chemistry between Lucy and Felix could power all of Prince Edward Island. For years. Clear your calendar and buckle up—this one will leave you breathless.”
– Annabel Monaghan, bestselling author of Same Time Next Summer

“This Summer Will Be Different is a deep and shimmering story of friendship, sex, and— most of all— love. From page one, Lucy and Felix reached right in and grabbed my heart and they haven’t let go. Be prepared to cry, swoon, ache, and cheer. Stunning.”
– Jennifer Niven, #1 New York Times bestselling author of All the Bright Places

Taste the very first page

Summer, Five Years Ago

I cupped my hands over my eyes so I could gulp down the view. A sun-drenched bay. Water glittering like sapphires beneath rust-colored cliffs. Seaweed lying in knotty nests on a strip of sandy shoreline. A wood-sided restaurant. Stacks of lobster traps. A man in hip waders.

Sea brine filled my nose and the putt-putt of a fishing boat my ears. A salt-kissed breeze sent the skirt of my dress flapping against my calves, and I smiled. It was everything I imagined my first Prince Edward Island vacation would be, minus one crucial detail. Bridget may have missed her flight, but I was here. And I was hungry.

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust when I stepped inside Shack Malpeque. My attention went straight to the girl wearing fake red pigtails and a straw hat. She sat at a table by the window, and while her older brother watched the mussel farmers on the water, she plucked a thick French fry from his plate. She popped it into her mouth as she caught me staring, and I gave her a thumbs-up.