General FAQ

The cost of membership depends on geography. For our American members it’s $17.99 USD/month (accounts for 1 book) and $9.99 for each extra book. For our Canadian members it’s $25.99 CAD/month (accounts for 1 book) and $13.99 for each extra book. The cost of being in our hearts: $0.00. 💖

We ship to the USA 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦! Fun fact: Shipping is FREE!

We’re thrilled you want to join the Aardvark community! You can sign up for membership by downloading our mobile app. Simply create an account, add books to your account and place your first order to kickstart your membership. Download our iOS app here and download our Android app here. Alternatively, you can join via our NEW! web app here.

Of course! Every month members can select 1 book and purchase up to 2 extra books. Note: the first book must be from the newest month’s picks but the extra books can be from any month.

Hardcover > ebooks anyday. Our books won’t die on a trans-Atlantic flight. They also function well as paperweights, door stoppers, laptop stands, table balancers – whatever you can think of!

N-E-V-E-R! Shipping is and always will be free.

We’re focused on providing a mix of contemporary fiction, literary fiction, thriller, mystery, romance, non-fiction, historical fiction and the occasional sci-fi. That said, no genre is off-limits if we love the story 😉

We’ve got your back! If you forget to choose or don’t like any of the selections *sad face* your credit will roll over to the following month (credits never expire!) This will keep happening ad infinitum until you place an order or suspend your membership. Note: To opt out of the monthly fee you must skip. 

Yes! Our skipping feature is officially live! Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more!

Yes! Membership counts towards 1 book a month from the newest picks. However, members are welcome to purchase up to 2 extra books – from any month – every month!

Unfortunately not! You must be a member to purchase from Aardvark. Try us out for a month and see if we’re a good fit. We promise we don’t bite, we’re too busy reading!

A magic 8 ball. Just kidding! We’ve got a full-time team dedicated to finding new releases we think our members will love. Every month we try to include a range of genres for our readers to pick from.

We have an informal referral program where active members can earn a free credit for every new member they successfully refer! To earn your credit simply shoot us an email as soon as your friend has signed up with their name (alternatively, they can email with yours 😉). We’re hoping to build this out formally into our app/web app in the future!

We start working on your box as soon as the order is confirmed! We recommend our members to make their monthly selection ASAP to receive their books faster. The early bird gets the worm! Note: unless otherwise stated, all of your books will be shipped in the same box.

Very unlikely! On rare occasions we may have tiny amounts of reserve copies that make their way back into circulation, however, as a general rule we won’t be restocking titles. Why? Printing lead times are very long and our team is focused on acquiring upcoming picks for our members!

No we do not. If you have a different issue with your order please email us at and we’ll be happy to resolve the situation.

No way! We’ll be sad to see you go, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. We wouldn’t dream of you having to call us. You can cancel your membership on the app by going through Profile>Billing>membership>(3 dots on top) Cancel membership.

  1. Aardvark is the first word of the English dictionary.
  2. It’s a funny looking animal. Those ears! That snout!
  3. Why the h*ll not!

Skipping 101

What is the criteria for skipping?

To be eligible to skip you must fit all 3 criteria:

  1. Be an active member for at least 1 billing cycle.
  2. Not have ordered a box for that month.
  3. Click “Skip this month” in-app before the 15th of the month.

How does skipping work?

Every month, active members that meet our criteria (see above) can choose to skip by clicking “Skip this month” under the Profile tab on our app. The deadline for choosing to skip is the 15th of the month. You can skip as many months in a row as you’d like.

Example scenario: Say Olive is an active member and isn’t interested in the May picks. Olive can skip May and her May credit will roll over and she won’t be charged for June. Olive can then use her credit for her June box or skip again.

What is skipping? ⏭️

Skipping allows members to stay active while opting out of selected auto-renewal charges. This means members can pick and choose which months they want to be charged.

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