From the critically acclaimed author of Black Widows comes a thriller set in a remote rehab clinic on the Pacific Northwest coast, in which the death of a woman inside prompts her sister to enter the clinic as a patient in order to find the truth. Perfect for fans of Stacy Willingham and Tarryn Fisher!

Addiction, mental illness.

Meg works for a casino in LA, catching cheaters and popping a few too many pain pills to cope, following a far different path than her sister Haley, a famous actress. But suddenly reports surface of Haley dying at the remote rehab facility where she had been forced to go to get her addictions under control.

There are whispers of suicide, but Meg can’t believe it. She decides that the best way to find out what happened to her sister is to check in herself – to investigate what really happened from the inside.

Battling her own addictions and figuring out the truth will be much more difficult than she imagined, far away from friends, family – and anyone who could help her.

Don't just take our word for it...

“The Clinic drew me in from its tense first page and left me think- ing long after I finished it. It’s a twisty mystery with feeling that kept me turning the pages until well into the night.”
– Sara Ochs, author of The Resort

“Cate Quinn’s propulsive thriller The Clinic reads like an edge- of-your-seat page-turner, with clever twists and turns and redirec- tions, all while taking place at an unconventional rehab clinic in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest coast. But at its core, this is a haunting story of addiction, long-lasting trauma, and the power of transformative change—I absolutely loved it.”
– Ashley Tate, author of Twenty-Seven Minutes

“With relentless writing and twists around every corner, Cate Quinn weaves a gripping mystery through the world of luxury rehab that will have you saying ‘one more chapter’ until you hit the final page. So be warned: once you step foot in The Clinic, the doors lock behind you.”
– Tony Wirt, author of Just Stay Away

Taste the very first page

The clinic was usually loud at night. Addicts, detoxing, shouting. But this part was quiet, the disinfectant smell less pervasive.

No one had said rehab would be easy. But Haley hadn’t counted on it being this hard. Her agent had painted it as a vacation. A break from the drugs before returning to the recording studio and celebrity parties. They hadn’t mentioned how Haley would have to perform an Oscar-worthy set of panic attacks and tearful break- downs to avoid therapy getting personal. Because Haley couldn’t go there. She really couldn’t. At twenty-seven she had enough bad memories to last a lifetime.

That was why she was padding barefoot along the squeaky, bleached floor of this dark corridor at night, headed for the medical store. And here it was. Haley’s painted toes came to a halt outside.

Rehab went on and on about not trusting addicts and keeping everything locked away. But a security system is only as effective as the people who run it, and with her trademark charm, Haley had needed barely a minute to win over the guard. Sometimes she was so good she impressed herself.

The door was plain. Unmarked. Electronic key code. Stupid. All that plate glass and double locks for the daily pharmacy, and…