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***A Buzzfeed LGBTQ Romance You’ve Got to Read*** Perfect for fans of Casey McQuiston and Meryl Wilsner, a funny, heartwarming, and moving novel about bad breakups, found families, and embracing life.

Since a crushing breakup three years ago, Nina Rice has written romance, friends, her dreams of scriptwriting for TV, and even LA proper out of her life. Instead, she’s safely out in the suburbs in her aunt’s condo working her talent agency job from home, managing celebrity email accounts, and certain that’s plenty of writing—and plot—for her life. But a surprise meeting called by Ari Fox, a young actress on everyone’s radar, stirs up all kinds of feelings Nina thought she’d deleted for good . . .

Ari is sexy, out and proud, and a serious control freak, according to Nina’s boss. She has her own ideas about how Nina should handle her emails—and about getting to know her ghostwriter. When she tells Nina she should be writing again, Nina suddenly finds it less scary to revisit her abandoned life than seriously consider that Ari is flirting with her. Between reconnecting with her old crew and working on a new script, a relationship with a movie star seems like something she’ll definitely mess up—but what could be more worth the risk?

Amy Spalding’s For Her Consideration is full of heat and heart as Nina learns that her story just might include the kind of love that lasts.

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“For Your Consideration is so many things I want in a book: funny, sexy, and super queer. Spending time in Nina and Ari’s world was a joy. Amy Spalding has written a warm celebration of Los Angeles, chosen family, and learning how to love and be loved.”
– Cameron Esposito, bestselling author of Save Yourself

“A fiercely funny, super sexy story about believing in your dreams, finding your chosen family, and letting yourself be loved. After reading For Her Consideration, I’m in love with both Los Angeles and Ari Fox. Amy Spalding has such a gift for snappy dialogue and loving, quirky friend groups, and I’ll read everything she writes.”
– Kerry Winfrey, author of Just Another Love Song

“For Her Consideration is incredibly funny, queer, sweet, and sexy. Anyone with a toxic ex or a serious celebrity crush will be able to relate! It’s about learning to trust yourself and the people in your life, and it’s guaranteed to leave you smiling and wanting to hug your chosen family very hard.”
– Celia Laskey, author of So Happy for You and Under the Rainbow

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Oh, holy hell, this was just my luck.

Waze had told me to cut through Griffith Park, past the zoo and the Autry Museum, but I knew what a mess those intersections could be. Everyone ignored that right-lane-must-turn sign, instead jamming into the center lane at the last possible second. And even though this was as predictable as another sunny day in Los Angeles, it made me furious. Some would, in fact, would say overly furious.

Taylor, absolutely, was one of the some who would say overly furious.

It turned out that Taylor would say a lot of things. Today, though, we’d put that behind us. Today I’d beat LA traffic and win back the girl.

Since it was possible that I couldn’t trust my own instincts, I’d decided to put my faith in Waze instead. The app, just like Taylor, must have known something I didn’t. So I’d turned away from my well-trodden path down the 5 Freeway, and sailed through that often-terrible initial intersection like a breeze. But then I came around the bend and saw that my own…