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So, what's the deal? $4 for a new hardcover seems too good to be true...

We promise it’s not! We’re offering prospective members a new way to try us out. We’d love to make us a thing ❤️

Step #1

Pick your $4 book

The 1st of every month we announce 4-5 new releases across a range of genres! Explore our newest picks (above). Fun fact: All our books are Aardvark-exclusive hardcover editions 💡

Step #2

Redeem the offer with your promo code

Scroll up to get your first book for $4 using your promo code. Upon purchase, you’ll be redirected to a page with instructions on how to create your Aardvark account!

Step #3

Create your account

Download our app to create your account then shoot us an email at info@aardvarkbookclub.com (saying what’s up 👋) and we’ll do all the nerdy stuff in the backend so you’re good to go!

Step #4

Build your first box

Now it’s time to finalize your box! Did any other books appeal to you? Feel free to add up to 3 books to your box. Your add-ons can be books from ✨any✨ month!

Step #5

Welcome to the club!

Congratulations! By placing your first order you are now a member! We can’t wait for your first box to arrive. Stay tuned for the next books to be announced on the first of the month! 🎉

Promo FAQ

Any of our April picks shown on this page are eligible for this special offer! Past picks can be added later to your first box as add-ons 👍

This offer is available exclusively to new members.

Yes! By placing an order with us you are officially part of the Aardvark community! If you’d like to opt out of future months you can cancel easily (no need to call us!)

YES 💃🕺

No worries! Shoot us an email at info@aardvarkbookclub.com and the team will get back to you as soon as they can! We’re here to help 😊